What Is BzzAgent?

A BzzAgent, you say. What’s that?
Actually, it’s a brilliant way of getting to try out lots of cool products for free.
These products are from big name brands; including some of the largest companies in the world and you can also share the experience with your friends as you also get vouchers and special offers to pass around.
Then you get to give your honest opinion about the great stuff you try and influence brands with your feedback.
BzzAgent is free to join and membership is currently available in the UK, USA and Canada.
Let me tell you a little more about how it works.

BzzAgent Account

You can sign up for a free account at the links below (not affiliate links):
It takes just a couple of minutes and anyone age 13 and over can sign up for an account.

Join A BzzCampaign

Once you've set up your BzzAgent Account, the next thing you'll be invited to do is to complete a few quick surveys on the things that you like.
This is so that you'll be sent invites to relevant campaigns for the type of products you prefer.
It can take a while initially to be offered your first invite to a campaign but once you are, you'll be given the chance to try out a product.
Usually, you'll also be sent some accompanying documents to give you some helpful talking points and also offers to share with your friends.

Talk About The Products

Once you've tried the product, then get people talking about it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and through face-to-face conversations; remembering to always disclose you're a BzzAgent.
After you've tried a product, discussed it with your friends and colleagues then you need to report back on what you and they thought about it.
You need to give your honest opinion. It’s not about always giving positive feedback. If you didn’t like a product you need to say so!
You get to write reviews, give BzzReports on what other people have said, share photos and videos and update all of your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter throughout every campaign you join.

Get More BzzCampaigns

Each review, Tweet, Facebook share, video or BzzReport you provide is reviewed by the BzzAgent team and given a grading.
Based on these gradings, you get an overall BzzScore out of 10. This helps to determine how often you get invited to BzzCampaigns and to how many.
So, if you write reviews, share photos and videos and update your friends and followers throughout every campaign you join, you’re more likely to maintain a high score.
If you join a campaign and don’t participate then your overall score’s going to take a hit and it may be awhile until you get invited to another one.

What’s In It For Me?

Loads of things!
  • It’s free to sign up;
  • You get to try loads of cool products and services, completely free;
  • You can share deals and special offers with your friends;
  • You get to influence some top brands with your feedback;
  • You earn Tesco Clubcard points for most of the activities.
So if you like getting free stuff and not afraid to give your honest opinion on products which could be positive or negative then I recommend you give BzzAgent a try.

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